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Feeling stuck?  Need some direction?  do you need TO Reset your internal GPS?

are you living with anxiety?  Are you tired of struggling? DO you want to give it the flick?

Are you living with depression? do you want to be free from its weight and darkness?

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Ruth's Story

After 25 years behind a desk in various business and executive roles, I stepped out from behind the desk and followed my passion for working with the most vulnerable in our community.  

Two years later, I crashed and burned. I had nothing left to give, to myself, my family, my colleagues, my clients.  I hit rock bottom and woke up in hospital.

Read my full story here.

The only way was up after that!  I embarked on a journey of rebuilding and rediscovering me.  Now, I am on a mission to use my experiences to help those who have struggled to find a way out by becoming a certified Mind Coach Practitioner with the Mind Coach Academy, Christchurch.

With a professional background in human resources, business support, mental health, addictions and trauma, I have the skills, experience, knowledge and passion to help you realise your 10/10 life.

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