A habit is a behaviour that we perform automatically, we do it without thinking, it’s unconscious. It’s differentiated from a routine because it’s automatic.

A routine is conscious and carried out with intent. For example, if you buy a coffee from the same place every morning on your way to work, that’s routine.
A habit is anchored to a trigger or cue. For example, when I come home I put my keys on the kitchen bench. Coming in my front door, triggers the act of putting my keys on the bench. I do this automatically, without thinking. Another example is when I get into my car, I put my seatbelt on without having to consciously remember to do it, it just happens.
Here’s how to create a habit:
1. Decide on the habit you want to create – start small so it doesn’t feel like a chore
2. Choose the trigger or cue that initiates the behaviour
3. Reward yourself for doing the behaviour (this is important so your brain associates the act with pleasure)
Here’s an example:
√ Habit - I want to leave my phone out of the bedroom at night so that I can get better quality sleep.
√ Trigger - After I turn the TV off to go to bed, I will plug my phone in to charge in the kitchen.
√ Reward – After I plug in the phone to charge in the kitchen, I will read a chapter of my book in bed before drifting off to get the good quality sleep I need.

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